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Find out more informations on the Measurement Science in Chemistry Euromaster : http://www.msc-euromaster.eu/
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Summer School 2014 programme
Programme coming soon
Summer School 2014 homework
Once students have attended and completed the summer school, and if they wish to follow the Euromaster Programme, further homework and task will need to be completed. Further information available from this quick link.

Welcome to the SPIRAL learning platform 27/06/18 - SPIRAL is the learning and teaching platform for the International Summer School Analytical Science, Metrology and Accreditation. It allows the creation, management and broadcasting of training resources on the  web.
Each participant to the summer school has a personal and secure folder created in Spiral Connect.
It allows teachers to upload a variety of teaching aids and materials which can be accessed by students and it allows students to create documents using a variety of media, to collaborate and share knowledge and experiences.