Introduction to Spiral Connect

Spiral Connect is a Network and Learning platform...

  • Spiral Connect is a new learning management system for the consortium Measurement Science in Chemistry
  • It has been designed for collaborative work and has social networking functionalities
  • Spiral Connect puts the focus of each learning activity on the individual, allowing students to construct their own learning path, through the use of  the latest tools on the platform and the possibility to make connections with networks from the outside world.
  • Innovative video applications : the player (with an integrated chaptering system) allows users to create movies and to rapidly incorporate comments with ease.
  • A personalised work environment : with content management by folder or tree, and a customisable view (colours, images and more ...).
  • New tools to effectively create, broadcast and communicate
  • A bibliography and a database of links : to retrieve the online properties of a document (description, keywords, images ...) and to validate links.
  • Simplified object and file management : no longer constrained by file size or number. Spiral Connect offers the opportunity to select one or several files to transfer, to download or to upload while preserving their properties, and organise files as you wish.
  • A common interface for teachers and students : where the rights assigned to each user determines the control and access of objects.
  • A powerful search engine to rapidly find and access information by keyword.